Montag, 24. November 2014


Nooo, I ain't mad at anyone - this was sent to me per E-Mail by my dearest Scottisch friend.
                BLESS YOU DEAREST FRIEND FOR BRINGING BIG SMILES TO MY FACE..............!!!!!!!!!!!

My Problem is -  I've been hound dog tired, I cleaned dirt and dust OVER and OVER again - due to our new kitchen that was installed last week.
 I caught myself a Royal flu, and when it   "disappeared"   I carried on cleaning and slaving, oooh  the work was never-ending. Because I never gave my poor Body the Chance to recuperate, the next bout of sickies was Standing right  ouside my front door offering me the next  round of viruses. So down I went for another couple of days flat in bed.  As a  determened Person I have always believed, work it off and sweat it out,,, and usually it worked,,,,,,,, strangely enough,, this round,, the gang of virusses dragged me down into the deepest darkest  dungeons of illness.

Hard for me to accept - - - old Age is definately  the cause - - - although I must honestly say.... I don't
feel a day over 20.    Fact is, the Body is telling me to calm down, relax, and take it easy.

 Nuff nuff moaning and complaining,  I am Feeling on top of the globe and as ever again I am dancing on the brand new kitchen floor to
  the Music whilst I prepare the dinner.

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