Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014


Well guys, I have tried to post the Pictures  of the needlebook on my eyesofthedragonfly blog.
 Just goes to Show how  "out of touch" I am with Blogging.  Feeling all self assured about my Password and such, and then I end up looking like the High School nerd.... not to worry,  my surprise to find it on the wrong blog and my baffled face has subsided,, I can only laugh at my stupidity.
I will continue TRYING, because I am a stubborn grow bean from down South.  Heeee heee!!!

Well hallo again, although it's been a Long time since I've posted on my crafting blog, it doesn't mean I have neclected my love for sewing  - - unfortunately I don't always take Pictures of my completed goodies and unfortunately I don't make enough time to take needle and thread in Hand.  I Quote the words of the sweet drunken butler....           ."I'll try me very best!!"
This is a needlebook I made for a neighbour  friend on her birthday last year. I am happy to say, she was delighted.

Montag, 27. Oktober 2014


The Little Lord at leasure.

He knows the secret ways of twisting me around his doggy toes.
The Little rascall's only 5 months old, but I'm happy to say he will let the household sleep
until 7.15 or 7.30 before he announces his presence.
All day Long the door of the Wintergarden -  or as some may say sunroom,  will stay
open so he can feel free to go into the garden and complete his daily Needs..
At four months, I taught him to Show me his chubby Little paw before he gets a doggy biscuit. He is indeed a pleasant Little fellow and has the resemblance of a Young Polar bear Baby.
It took me almost two years to overcome my sorrow and the  loss of  my beautiful Little Westhighland Terrier Fugi. She will always be remembered and will always have a very Special place in my heart.
She lived a happy 11 years, and provided tons of love and laughter - she was loyal and loving until the fatal day when she was poisoned by some horrid dog hater.                                                         
I often find myself thinking.......... how do These cruel human Monsters sleep at night?


When I was a child I mostly read story books about the different kind of animals, but what fascinated me mostly was the beautiful blood red toadstool.
As I grew older I used to think it was all but a fairy tale - - just imagine a South African child who sees such pictures in a story book and not ever seeing the edge of a dark and gloomy forest...!
It was only until a few years ago when we went mushroom hunting, did I come across many red beauties topped with white dots.
My amazement was overwhelming and my eyes almost popped outta it's sockets - down on my knees I went with my camera and couldn't part myself from the beautiful yet extremely dangerous toadstool all dressed in scarlet red.

Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014


Yet again we've been so lucky to enjoy a blue sky and sunny day - yes a genuine Indian summer here behind the Alps.
So off we go into the deep and dark forest - in search of eatable mushrooms.
Crazy people you may think.. but we only spent about one and a half hour in search of the good stuff.

Last Autumn we found barrels full, but this round we only found a few - nothing to write home about, but it was worth the while.
I find spending time in a forest  so calming - no noisy car sounds or any other, only the different sounds of a few wild birds.
On Saturday we had a little rainfall, so naturally everything's real wet in the dark forest.
It was no surprise to stumble apon a fairly large frog sitting directly on my way, I still wanted to have a closer look but the guy thought
it would be safer to disappear into the next hole nearby.
No matter how many or how few mushrooms we find, it will always be checked by an expert who lives just around the corner.

Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2014


This is something of another kind - or at least as I've seen it only in the small village of Lötschental.
The small wooden cabins are built on stilts, apparently it's to keep mice and rats at bay.


 Here are but a few of the lovely houses in Lötschental - Switzerland is known for their Geraniums but to see so many hundreds of blooms posing beautiful together, is a sight to remember.


I have been very fortunate to arrive in Switzerland as a Young woman - I have left my Country of birth, South Africa and have been living here behind the snowy Alps for a few decades now.
Now why does that sentence make me feel so ancient? Only kidding....!
For the past few years I have had the opportunity to visit most places in Switzerland, which I honestly never believed to see.
But my favorite place is Wallis - or as the French speaking folk would write... Valais.
Most People speak Swiss German, but I must add, with a disasterous accent to a strangers ear. The other side of Wallis speaks French.
Beside the fact that this Region gets extremely cold during winter time.... I simply love the place to bits.
Getting to "my" place, is a town called Lötschental - a must to see every round.
One has to drive all along the Alps on a very narrow and winding road.
For some, a Little nerve wracking, but I guess I got used to it all.
I would like to post a  Picture or more of my favorite houses in this small but amazing town.

Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014

Return of the dragonfly

I've been Blogging for a few years, and enjoyed making friends from all Corners of the world.
Unfortunately I've neclected my blog for some time now.
Trying to pick up the pieces was a Long and winding road - due to the fact that I forgot my Password.
I'm know to have the Memory of an elephant, but I guess even an ol' elephant is capable of forgetting . . . .

If I have  done my homework correctly on the Blogging page, I will look Forward to posting the things I enjoy doing and/or the not so nice things that happens in the life of an old forgetful elephant.
Last but not least, I will enjoy "seeing" most of my  ol' friends here again - I will definately enjoy and appreciate the visits of new friends in future. 

Dragonfly cocoon

I really cannot remember where or when my love and admiration started growing for the small and magnificent Dragonfly.

Great was my surprise when I discovered the cocoon of two dragonflies dangling from a waterplant in the Pond.

Once again I must post a Picture of my baffled Moment -  when we payed a visit to the lovely Pond of our neighbour -  when a fairly large dragonfly settled on my Hand.
It was a wonderful experience and it still amazes me that I never went tumbling head strong into the Pond simply outta pure surprise and amazement. for the behaviour of a Little creature that is my favorite of all creatures.